About Hurunui District Council

Hurunui is mostly a rural district, with some city commuters and a resort town at Hanmer Springs. At the council we look after the district’s roads and water, provide amenities like parks, libraries and pools and regulate activities in the district like planning, building and licensing. All these things contribute to the well being of the people who live here so, whatever we do, we like to think we are helping make the Hurunui a better place for our residents.

Our organisational culture puts our customers at the heart of everything we do. Our organisational values (respect, integrity and commitment), working together, and focussing on outcomes rather than tasks all support this customer focus.

That means we will:

·       Commit to working proactively with our customers to understand their needs.

·       Operate collaboratively as a total council team.

·       Deliver our services in a way that is best for the district (not easiest for us).

We want our people to think about what we are trying to achieve, and then work as a team to provide great services to the residents of our district. Even through you will have a primary role at Hurunui District Council, working with us is much more than simply 'doing a job'. Working here is about attitude, about making a difference, about working well with others, and how you deliver the best services to our community.