Come to the Hurunui - great family, great flexibility

When you work for us, you join our ‘family’ – we work together and have fun together. We believe in providing our staff with a work environment that is happy and harmonious, varied and challenging. An environment that helps you be the best you can be. Our employees are important to us and as part of our team, you will receive on-going support, and the tools you need to do your job well. As well as your salary there are other benefits, both tangible and intangible, from working for Hurunui District Council.

  • We provide ongoing training & development 

As well as providing structured on the job training we also encourage staff to further their skills by attending relevant training & development courses.

  • Contribution toward your KiwiSaver and Superannuation 

We believe in helping you save toward your future and will help you by contributing up to 5% of your salary toward your KiwiSaver and/or Superannuation scheme.

  • Flexible Hours 

Many of our positions can be tailored to suit your personal situation with flexible working hours that allow you to manage your out of work commitments.

  • Discounted Fuel

You will be entitled to apply for a fuel card to enable you to access fuel at the same discounted rate as the Council receives.

  • Relaxed commuting

We don’t have fraught commutes in Hurunui. Arrive at work fresh from a short walk or, if you choose, from a longer drive through the Hurunui countryside. It’s the same relaxed trip at the end of the day.